Adult Bronze Beginner (10 Hours)
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Perfect for adults with or without any notions of French. Focuses on an essential dialogue based on everyday life. Learn to talk about yourself and your activities without getting bogged down by grammar!
  1. Greetings
  2. Count up to 10
  3. Masculine and feminine genders
  4. Introduce myself (name, age…)
  5. Say where I live
  6. Talk about what is in my town
  7. What is missing in my town
  8. Say what I have
  9. Say what you don’t have
  10. Talk about my personality
  11. Say who I am not
  12. Talk about what I like
  13. Talk about what I dislike
  14. Want or would like
  15. Free time
  16. Normal routine
  17. Say what I usually do during the week
  18. Say what I don’t do
  19. Say where I usually go each month
  20. Use Since for during


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