About Tutortoi



Who is Tutor-toi?

Toi in French means you or yourself. Tutor-toi recognises you are at the centre of your French learning, it’s you who has to go out and get it. Tutor-toi aims to build personalised relationships with you the student through one-to-one sessions and human interaction. Giving you the power to say what you need and how you need it. So in the end you have the skills to carry on independently. So reseigne-toi (find out the answer), to all your questions on French today.

So who is Tutor-toi? You are, I am, we are together. Be proactive and tutor-toi, tutor yourself for you, for your future achievement. 


Your success is my biggest reward. With a patient and adaptable approach I promise to dedicate myself to make your learning experience pleasant, easy and lovable. 

Arriving in the UK in 2008 as an exchange student at Warwick University, I received a BA(Hons) English from Paris Diderot University. I soon went on to become a French language assistant in a grammar school and college. I fell in love with teaching and currently teach Year10 French at La Marelle in Dartford. Everyone has a unique learning rhythm, it is my aim to help curate the melody for their success.

French is challenging but achievable! With over 1000hrs of teaching experience you are in well versed hands. Whether you choose to learn with me online or face to face, together we will tackle the essentials of the French language. As a native speaker this will be more than just grammar, spelling and tenses. I can give you tips on everyday French to help you express yourself perfectly and avoid common blunders!