Child Silver Intermediate (5 Hours)
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The SILVER package Follows up from bronze and is perfect for 11 to 16 years old especially if you are sitting for common entry level or GCSE exams this year. It will be beneficial to any students who already know basic French wanting to deepen their understanding. I will teach you more complex grammar rules needed to sharpen your speaking and written skills and will take your current knowledge further. New tenses will be introduced.
Silver intermediate course 60 sessions 9 units
  1. Habits (14 sessions) using JE, il/ils and Nous
  2. Type of verbs infinitive, past participle, reflexive verbs, auxiliaries, and conjugated verbs
  3. What you usually do on a typical day? Using ER verbs
  4. What you usually do on a typical day?  Using IR verbs
  5. What you do on a typical day?  Using RE verbs
  6. Where you usually go on weekends?
  7. What you like to do and where you like to go?
  8. Describe your routine
  9. Negations using different pronouns: (5 hours)
  10. Not 
  11. Never
  12. No longer 
  13. Not anymore
  14. No one
  15. Capacities using different pronouns (5 hours)
  16. What I can do. using pouvoir
  17. What I can do. Using savoir
  18. Willing using different pronouns
  19. What I want to do. Using vouloir
  20. Obligations using different pronouns
  21. What I must do. Using Devoir
  22. Advising using IL FAUT
  23. Basic essential 2 (8 hours)
  24. Give directions
  25. Ask questions
  26. Reply to questions 
  27. Give personal opinions
  28. Agreeing disagreeing
  29. Count to 100
  30. Home Chores
  31. Using duration 
  32. Future plans: holidays (12 hours)
  33. What you are going to do next weekend? Using ER verbs
  34. What you are going to do next weekend? Using IR verbs
  35. What you are going to do next weekend? Using RE verbs
  36. Where you usually go on weekends?
  37. Using I intend to expressions
  38. Describe ideal holidays
  39. Past events using AVOIR and different pronouns (6 hours)
  40. What did you do yesterday? ER verbs
  41. What did you do last weekend? IR verbs
  42. What did you do last holiday? RE verbs
  43. Past events using Etre and different pronouns ( 12 HOURS)
  44. Where did you go?
  45. Where did you stay?
  46. Other verbs using ETRE
  47. Past routine
  48. Describing past events
  49. Using SI


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